Monday, November 19, 2012

Chapter 9: Hanging On

"I'm hanging on today
And nothings gonna stop me anyway
I'm holding on, I'm Strong
I'm the only one who can make it change
I don't wanna fight
I got live my life
I'm gonna make it alright"
Cheyenne Kimball- Hanging On
Fayaville, Forty minutes west of Bridgeport
"Well here it is. It has everything you wanted plus more. Plus it's under your budget which is always a great thing to. It's close to great schools and the new hospital you will be working at so tell me do we have a deal?" The real estate agent beamed brightly at Mora as she showcased what she called the trophy property. Mora did a once over of the place before making decision.
"Well I do like it a lot. It has all the things I need plus it will work well for my family." She motioned towards Jordan and Ava. "After much consideration I think I will take it."

"Great !" screeched the real estate agent. I will have your paperwork by one. Can you come pick it up?

"Not a good time!" said Ava pulling her Galaxy away from her ear. "Williamson University just called. My interview has been scheduled for today at two!" Ava nibbled on her bottom lip nervously as the shock finally set in. " Oh my god I am not prepared! Why didn't they call me earlier? I'll never make it! I have to reschedule!"

"Ava... Ava calm down! I will get you there I promise. You won't be late."

"You don't understand Mora!" Ava let out a loud heavy sigh, twiching her fingers frantically with one hand while running the other through her hair. "I'm not prepared. I'm not dressed properly, my hair is mess, and I don't have my portfolio! You can't walk into a prestigious school like Williamson without a portfolio." Ava sighed feeling Mora's eyes roll on the back of her neck. It was true. Mora didn't understand.  This was the first time in a year that Ava would be going back to school. The first University she attended, Capulette School of the Arts, she dropped out of upsetting her parents greatly and practically making them disown her. She had already basically thrown her whole life away over one little incident. This caused the lose of her scholarship, reputation, and respect . She wasn't going to ruin it once again. There was to much at stack. 

"Ok Ava relax. We'll leave now and I'll run you back to the apartment to get a change of clothes and your profolio. It's really not big of a deal. 

Ava shook her head leaving out the house and heading towards the car. "Mora really doesn't understand.
Twinbrook Falls, eleven years ago
 "No Mr. Sammy please stop! I promise I won't do it again. I promise!" The tiny frail girl coward into the corner of the small dilapidated shack, her large expressive gray eyes feeling with tears as she pressed her malnourished body against the cold cracking salmon colored wall. The large bulky man towered over her small body. His cold green eyes filled with hate.
 "Shut up you little bitch and take your punishment like a good girl!" Sam yelled to the top of his lungs raising a huge hand above the child.
  "No Mr. Sammy please. I promise I will be good. I won't do it anymore."
"No Sammy I won't do it anymore I'm sorry." Sam laughed mocking the girl. "Little bitches are so fucking stupid!" His drug filled, hazy gaze peered at the girl as if he were a wolf ready to pounce on an innocent lamb. " This time is gonna feel so much bett....."
"Stop!" Both Sam and the little girl turned around.
The thirteen year old boy stood in the middle of the room. His body contained tiny fragments of fear, hatred, and determination as he stared down the man who had antagonised him and his kid sister for the last four years. His worst enemy. You couldn't cut the thick, almost sickening, animosity in the air if you tried as the two geared up for the final battle. The boy though young and weak, had a burning passion to protect his sister and that was what kept him going.
"Leave Genny alone. She's not your damn punching bag!"
Sam couldn't help but laugh. "Really boy you think you could fight me? Your more of a bigger damn fool than I thought you were."
The thought of winning the fight was never addressed. The boy knew the odds of winning were scarce and he would probably die if he tried to use fists to win this fight. But he had that determination. That will to  survive.
 From there on the two faced off into the night. Clearly this was a battle of wills and it could be any one's game. War raged on persistantily until they woke up the sleeping beauty.
"What the fuck is going on in here?" The kids' mother slung her limp malnourished body over the side of the bed. Her sunking in eyes from heavy drug use darted at the guys who fighting in the kitchen area. Sam immediatly took his revenge out on her.
"What the fuck Nancy! Do you see what your little punk ass son is doing! He practically tried to kill me!" Sam raised his hand slapping Nancy clean across the face. The impact of the slap flung her across the room hitting her back hard against the wall."
"I'm sick of this shit NancyI'm leaving."
Nancy tried pleading don't go with her eyes but the man had already walked out the door.
 "It's okay Genny you don't have to cry anymore. The big scary man is gone." The boy cradled his sister in his arms racking his fingers through her mess of matted tangled hair. His mom was not amused.
 "You mother fucking little asshole. I wan't you out of my house right now! Look at the fucking shit you cause! I regret ever having your worthless ass!" Grabbing him by his arm she tossed him out he door and slammed it telling him to never to come back or she would shoot him with her shot gun. Looking back at the shack as he walked away he shead a tear as he saw Genny crying.


  1. That's a nice house for those two! I hope Ava is prepared, she's right to worry about such things, always better to be prepared anyways right!?

    Aww, was that a flashback? I wondered what happened to Genny then, Sam is one of the worst kind of people too :/

    1. Aeon,

      Your right! You should definitely be prepared for those types of things.

      Yes this is a flashback. More in the form of a dream Todd is having. Sam is the worst kind of person to be around. What happened to Genny is kind of a mystery once he was kicked out he lost all contact with his family basically.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I hope the apartment works out.
    The flashback was frightening. Somehow I think Todd was a little innocent in believing Genny was just a punching bag. :(
    What a horrible horrible mother to even want to keep a dirtbag and evict her teenaged son. So sad.

    1. Thanks, I hope the house works out to. They really do need the space. Nancy is a person who feels she needs the a man to make her life complete. She will do anything to keep a guy even hurt her own children.

      Thanks for reading!